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Hi, I’m Gabby, founder of Fable & Hawke. I am a high schooler, big dreamer, and avid reader. When I’m not reading, I love traveling, singing, dancing, photography, cooking, baking, and trying to watch a 2-hour movie in 30 minutes (spoiler: it doesn’t work). As the former book reviewer for my school’s newspaper, I created Fable & Hawke as a place to continue sharing my thoughts on newly released YA books spanning many genres, reading levels, and interests. Each book is bought with my own money, read cover to cover, given my honest review, and donated.

– Gabby

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Sources Say

Sources Say

With the whirlwind of the 2020 election in full force, reading has become a sort of escape from the real world. But what about a book about an election? “Sources Say” couldn’t have come at a better time than now. Not only is it well-written so that it’s enjoyable...

The Book of Griot: A Collection of African Folktales

The Book of Griot: A Collection of African Folktales

Taking a step away from the usual slice-of-life or fantasy novel or inspiring nonfiction resource, folktales are a wonderful genre of their own. Typically full of symbolism, life lessons, and interesting characters, folktales are today’s reminders of our world’s rich...

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