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Finding Refuge: Real-Life Immigration Stories from Young People

Finding Refuge: Real-Life Immigration Stories from Young People

The nonfiction genre is arguably the best for finding great reads because every story is undoubtedly going to be unique. So, by this logic, this compilation of over 35 different immigration stories from English Language Development students in Spokane, Washington, was...

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Hi! I’m Gabby, founder of Fable & Hawke. I am a high schooler, big dreamer, and avid reader. When I’m not reading, I love traveling, singing, dancing, photography, cooking, baking, and trying to watch a 2-hour movie in 30 minutes (spoiler: it doesn’t work). As the former book reviewer for my school’s newspaper, I created Fable & Hawke as a place to continue sharing my thoughts on newly released YA books spanning many genres, reading levels, and interests. Each book is bought with my own money, read cover to cover, given my honest review, and donated. And proceeds from your donations and the items you buy from the shop go right back into keeping F&H running, so consider showing your support today!

– Gabby

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A Lesson in Vengeance

A Lesson in Vengeance

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but any book with beautifully creepy cover art is sure to be good. A read that holds you in a trance until you’re finished with it, “A Lesson in Vengeance” is everything a modern queer dark academia should be and more. Filled...

Summer in the City of Roses

Summer in the City of Roses

Picking a book can be difficult. A synopsis gives a good idea of what the book will be about, but sometimes it’s just not enough to really sell it. But when the synopsis mentions “queer Robin Hood,” an “all-girl punk band,” and a “fantastical transformation” all at...

Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating

Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating

In May, to celebrate Asain American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, it was promised the next book would be written by an AAPI author. For June, Pride Month, LGBTQ+ representation became another important factor in choosing this month’s book. The only problem:...

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