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As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow

As Long as the Lemon Trees Grow

Hope is a part of the human experience. Reading the description for this book, I felt a feeling of unconditional hope. And reading the book itself, that sense of knowing there will be a rainbow after the rain was a strong theme that remained from start to finish. “As...

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Hi! I’m Gabby, founder of Fable & Hawke. I am a high schooler, big dreamer, and avid reader. When I’m not reading, I love traveling, singing, dancing, photography, cooking, baking, and trying to watch a 2-hour movie in 30 minutes (spoiler: it doesn’t work). As the former monthly book reviewer for my school’s newspaper, I created Fable & Hawke as a place to continue sharing my thoughts on YA books spanning many genres, reading levels, and interests. Each book is bought with my own money, read cover to cover, given my honest review, and donated. And proceeds from your donations and the items you buy from the shop go right back into keeping F&H running, so consider showing your support today!

– Gabby

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Cake Eater

Cake Eater

The hype on social media around Allyson Dahlin’s “Cake Eater” put this book right on the list as a must-review. Pitched as a modern take on the deep and iconic story of Marie Antoinette, this book had worlds of potential. Unfortunately, it missed almost every mark....

Wind Daughter

Wind Daughter

This summer, transport yourself to the dead of winter in the far northern reaches of eastern Europe, where the lines between myth and reality are blurred. Why? Because that’s just where “Wind Daughter” by Joanna Ruth Meyer takes place. And you might want to pay it a...

Hell Followed With Us

Hell Followed With Us

Quite the timely book, “Hell Followed With Us” by Andrew Joseph White came into this world just when it was needed. This book weaves a fictional but terrifying dystopian future out of the threads of a not-so-fictional present. But it also serves as a reminder that as...

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